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SWEN Talk 31.8.2015

Monday, August 31st

17:10 - 18:30, Building 5, Room 5.002


In Pursuit of Correctness

It is still a challenge to ensure the correctness of computer-based systems. Software is expected to be free from errors. There exist a number of techniques that support this aim. This talk aims to give an overview of these techniques.

The heartbleed bug from 2014 will be used as a case study and subject of discussion: What happened and how could it have been prevented?



Prof. Dr. Farhad Mehta teaches Computer Science at the HSR and is a partner at the Institute for Software (IFS). His focus lies in the area of formal methods, which are used to develop safe and dependable computer-based systems. He completed his doctoral thesis on this topic at the ETH Zürich in 2008 and has had several years of industrial and research experience in Switzerland and abroad.

He looks forward to an active discussion and the opportunity to get to know you at the SWEN talk.




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