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The REPARA project aims to help the transformation and deployment of new and legacy applications in parallel heterogeneous computing architectures while maintaining a balance between application performance, energy efficiency and source code maintainability.


Supported with more that 2.6M Euros by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for Research and Technological Development, the EU’s main instrument for funding research – REPARA will bring together expertise from academic institutions and industry specialists across five countries.


Starting in September 2013, the REPARA project will run for 3 years and will focus on deploying applications to parallel heterogeneous computing systems.

The project aims to make the performance and energy efficiency benefits of such computers available to end users without the high development effort usually associated with such complex architectures. The automated tools and methodologies targeted by REPARA are designed to reduce time-to-market and development costs, leading to more competitive products.


IFS contributed its expertise in developing automated refactoring tools and source code analysis. Based on Cevelop, our C/C++ IDE, we built source code transformations for Coarse Grained Parallelism to transform code to run on FPGAs or DSPs. If you’re interested in trying a beta version, please contact us since these tools are not included in the free version of Cevelop.