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Proceedings of WICSA/CompArch 2016 published

Prof. Dr. Zimmermann Program Co-Chair Component-Based Software Engineering (CBSE)

The proceedings of the joint software architecturer and component technology conferences WICSA/CompArch 2016, which took place in Venice from April 5 to April 8 2016,have been published by the IEEE Computer Society (WICSA, CBSE and QoSA). As Program Co-Chair CBSE, Prof. Dr. Olaf Zimmermann was on the organizing commitee. He also presented an expermential tool demonstration on Capturing Design Decision Rationale in Program-Level Aspects.


The conferences are currently being merged into a joint event, the International Conference on Software Architecture (ICSA). Prof. Zimmermann continues to contribute in the role of PC member of the ICSA 2017 track New and Emerging Ideas.