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Eclipse CDT plug-in for SCons

SCons is an open source software build tool which tries to fix the numerous  weaknesses of derivatives like the missing automatic dependency extraction, its  complex syntax to describe the build properties and its cross-platform issues when  using shell scripts. SCons is a self-contained tool which is not dependent on any  existing platform utilities. Because it is based on the user has the full power of a modern scripting language to deal with all build related issues.

For the acceptance of a build tool it is very important to have a comfortable  integration into an IDE. Before now there was no satisfying  support for SCons in Eclipse. addresses this and provides tool integration for SCons in Eclipse for a convenient C/C++ development experience.



  • Convertion of existing CDT managed build projects to SCons projects
  • Import of existing SCons projects into Eclipse with wizard support
  • Interactive mode to quickly build single source files
  • A special view for a convenient build target management of all workspace projects
  • Graph visualization of build dependencies with numerous layout algorithms and search and filter functionality

SConsolidator is available at