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Go digital - even for your Scrum meetings

Scrum and electronic project management tools don’t mix well. It’s a tedious task to manually synchronize Scrum boards and project management tools. ScrumTable takes the effort out of Scrum meetings for teams using ALM tools. ScrumTable enables efficient Scrum meetings by letting users interact with optimized paper-like views with data stored on your ALM repository.

Take your Scrum meetings digital – with ScrumTable. It eliminates the need for typing out meeting notes.


See our video section to show our product in action.

ScrumTable enables teams to hold efficient digital Scrum Meetings with a paper-like, touch-enabled user experience. ScrumTable supports all major types of Scrum Meetings and selected Scrum boards, such as Task Boards, Story Boards, Burndown Charts, Scrum Poker, Iteration Planning, and many more. Views are optimized for team settings and allow fast user switching. All user actions are logged, synchronized and undoable using the repository in a backend system. This way users may work at their own pace, without having to wait for the background system to respond. Currently, ScrumTable synchronizes with the Microsoft Team Foundation Server or alternatively an XML repository. The latter can be generated from existing Excel data. Future versions will also support Jira, OpenXML Excel Files and offer more configuration settings.

ScrumTable provides the following features to help your team leverage Scrum as efficiently as possible:

Common Features

  • Intuitive UI
  • Both touch screen and mouse support
  • Scrum Boards can span multiple (touch-) screens
  • Enhanced Drag & Drop support
  • Synchronisation support of your team data stored in custom back-end systems
  • Crisp and clear controlling of your project's state
  • Multiple user accounts and fast user switching
  • Customisable look and feel

Project Planning

  • Optional: Playing Scrum Poker on Microsoft PixelSense with real Scrum Poker cards
  • Overview over all Sprints and User Stories
  • Stack ranking of User Stories

Sprint Planning

  • Observe velocity and remaining/completed hours
  • Plan the next sprint

Daily Scrum

  • Daily Scrum with electronic task- and storyboard
  • Combined user story- and task board to form a clearly arranged scrum board.
  • Time- and member centered daily scrum views

Features specific to Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS)

  • Access Microsoft Team Foundation Server Reports directly in ScrumTable
  • Load members and permissions from Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Support for MSF for Agile Software Development v5.0/v6.0 (english / german)
  • Support for Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0/2.0
  • Upload and change Attachments during a meeting directly in the ScrumTable UI
  • Whiteboard support for electronic drawings

Features specific to Open XML Excel Files (*.xlsx)

  • Manage User Stories/Tasks/Bugs in a human readable file
  • Store the xlsx file in the cloud to share your project data with other team members
Published on 2012-07-23

Daily Scrum with ScrumTable   More...

This video introduces the Daily Scrum views of ScrumTable.



Published on 2012-05-15

Sprint Planning with ScrumTable   More...

This video introduces the Sprint Planning meeting support of ScrumTable.



Published on 2012-04-20

Scrum Poker with ScrumTable   More...

A quick overview about the Planning Poker implementation of ScrumTable.



Published on 2012-02-29

ScrumTable vs. TFS   More...

This video shows how to rank User Stories with ScrumTable in comparison to TFS.



Published on 2011-04-11

ScrumTable in Action

The following video shows our product in action.

Click here to download ScrumTable. What's new


Click here to download the ScrumTable product flyer.


Click here to download a Scrum Poker card set for Microsoft PixelSense.


Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

Hardware Requirements

  • Screen resolution 1280x800 pixels or higher
  • Optional: A touch-enabled device is not required but is recommended.
  • Optional: ScrumTable provides support for Microsoft PixelSense (former known as Microsoft Surface 2.0).

Supported Data Sources

  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 (english / german)
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2012 RC1 (english / german) - BETA Feature
  • Local XML Storage
  • OpenXML Excel Files (*.xlsx)